Misty eyes Indian market with skincare and home accessories brand – Babylon

Skincare and home accessories products to be manufactured in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Misty Interactive Studios eyes International Market with its Prime Products

Misty eyes Indian market with skincare and home accessories brand – Babylon

Having carved a niche in Canadian and South East Asian markets, Misty Interactive Studios Inc (MIS), Vancouver, Canada- headquartered tech and commerce company, is now all set to enter into the Indian market in a big way with innovative skincare and home accessories products brand ‘Babylon’.

Following a successful launch of ‘Ivar Agro’  incense brand in India recently, Misty now eyes Indian market with its other innovative brand ‘ Babylon’  and has already set up a manufacturing unit in Dehradun, Uttarkhand.

“With a wide network of distributors, we entered the Indian market with Ivar Agro recently and soon we will be launching products under Babylon brand with a focus on expanding holistic home accessories and skincare,” said Vijay Gupta, Co-founder & Director, MIS.  

“A very successful launch of our Ivar Agro Incense brand in our local distribution channel has encouraged us to capitalise ever-growing skincare and home accessories market in India. Hence, we are ready to enter with Babylon and confident to go global by 2021,” he added.

“Babylon will be targeting a niche market who understands how important a good skincare product can be for prolonged health of our cells and beauty,” he added.  

Babylon products are prepared in a specially designed lab located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

“We prepare small batches that are exposed to natural blessings from local monasteries and fresh air of Uttarakhand Himalayan Mountains. We are currently accepting silent investors if they would like to take part in the venture,” said Gupta.  

Before entering Indian markets, MIS has established it credibility in Thailand and Canada. MIS Bangkok had entered into high volume deal with a Singapore based Startup Zilingo – also owned by Indian entrepreneurs for the supply of electronic goods.

Now Misty eyes huge Indian markets for its innovative brands – ‘Ivar Agro’ and ‘Babylon.’

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