Mission To Reverse Migration

Drishtee Foundation (DF) has been working with the objective to enhance the quality of life as well as to discourage villagers from migrating by imparting useful skills to rural population across the country.  Ajay Rana Reports
Mission To Reverse Migration

With an aim to uplift the socio-economic fabric of India’s rural sector, Drishtee Foundation (DF) has been working tirelessly for more than a decade. Till today, it has worked in the field of research and development, micro-finance, entrepreneurship, vocational training, to name a few.

The foundation provided low interest loans through Janata Education loans scheme. Students from the states of Assam, Bihar, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh were benefited. With the help of International Finance Corporation and Nike Foundation, it has worked for the empowerment of rural women. Microsoft, helped DF to run the project Jyoti, to empower women.

The programme aims at enhancing the technological and entrepreneurship skills of rural women which can change their lives, transform communities, and strengthen the local economies by creating employment opportunities. To minimise migration, the foundation introduced rural BPO through telecentres in Saurath village of Bihar. To understand the possibility of rural e-commerce and rural e-health, DF has done a research work with its technology partner,Microsoft Corporation, by using Tablet PCs at village kiosks.

The purpose is to assess and promote Right to Information at gram panchayat level, and the initiative was introduced in the district of Haryana and Bihar states. By now the foundation has changed the fate of the rural people  across the country. 

The Changing Face of Rural India