Microgravity’s Skill IT program to support upskilling underprivileged students

According to an estimate, more than 18 million workers in India may need to find jobs in new occupation by 2030 and the shift will require more advanced skills
Microgravity’s Skill IT program to support upskilling underprivileged students
Microgravity’s Skill IT program to support upskilling underprivileged students

Microgravity Ventures, a facilitator of world-class gaming hubs and e-sports tournaments in India announced ‘Skill IT,’ a mentorship programme curated for upskilling students from semi-urban and rural areas. Their objective has been to enable exchange of ideas on leading edge concepts like innovation and critical thinking. Run through a series of online zoom sessions and webinars, this initiative got the necessary support from the Kutumb Foundation, Delhi and the Panchsheel Balak Inter-School, Noida. Tanveer Singh Bakshi, Manager Strategy and Business Development at Microgravity brought in the required strategy and logistical support from the company for the noble cause.

This was an attempt to bridge the gap and bring all students at par on their understanding of the future of the work. Essential skills through various technology, communication and creative thinking session were discussed. The initiative has not only helped students get an experience of skill-based learning but also educated their parents about the importance of these new age concepts. The entire programme is a stepping stone which will help in mobilising the right foundation and exposure to these students while empowering the youth with the relevant industry skills eventually securing better job opportunities.

The Technology sessions will help the students learn the basics of Python programming that has diverse applications in many fields such as data science, deep learning, artificial intelligence and web development. By using the concepts, students will be able to create “a basic calculator”, “the rock-paper-scissors game”, “a prime number checker”, “a number guessing game”, and much more.

The Communication sessions will be aimed at improving verbal, listening, and writing skills. Students will learn the art of introducing themselves, drafting emails and correcting grammatical errors through a wide variety of activities such as story writing among others. The main objective of Creative Thinking sessions would be to convey that imagination should have no boundaries. The classes are planned in a manner to help students understand the value of individuality and thinking through interactive activities. Topics such as Design Thinking Cycle, Convergent and Divergent Thinking will be covered, which will focus on equipping students with skills that would help them streamline their thoughts and think more productively and efficiently.

Taking about this programme, Rahul Bhattacharya, Co-founder & Managing Director, Microgravity said, “In today’s fast paced world, technology is rapidly changing and business models are shifting. To compete in a future-ready world, people need to prepare themselves with more than academic learnings which needs to be developed from young age. Keeping this in mind, we have introduced ‘Skill IT’ initiative to help higher education students from economically humble backgrounds enhance their skills required to tackle the challenges of the future.”

“Our team will organise training sessions for 75 students to start with in the areas of Technology, Communication and Creative Thinking. With this programme we aim to provide both knowledge and exposure to the new-age working structure, thus helping them with skills they need to meet the demands of the rapidly-changing industry,” Bhattacharya added.

As per McKinsey Global Institute’s study, the future of work will shift drastically post COVID and with changes in consumer behaviour and business models. In India, more than 18 million workers may need to find jobs in new occupation by 2030 and the shift will require more advanced skills.

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