Media s role for rural development in Odisha

NISER campus first green campus of Odisha that would result in strengthening rural education
Media s role for rural development in Odisha

When we talk about India and its development one thing that struck to the mind, its development. The development can be only possible if the 68 percent of rural India is given a new facets. Rural development thus in whole depends upon the public as well as private segments and the major role is played by media.

The big spurring question is, is media mis-leading the prosperity related to the development especially the rural population. Talking about instances that resulted development to have a slowed pace. Rahul Gandhi visit covered an entire day breaking news at Bangalore University, Amarabati’s announcement for new  capital at Andhra Pradesh became the breaking news of the day and also took five hours in that day called ‘bhumipujana’. Its really surprising.Azam Khan’s buffalo lost also became breaking news because entire police system were involved in finding out buffaloes and not going through proper law and administration system/procedure.

Interestingly the inaugural ceremony of NISER campus,1st  green campus of Odisha that would result in strengthening rural education, were not covered by any national and international news channels. The question here arises,why rural parts issues India are remain under-discussion and national news channel miss to give a debatable platform for the issues to generate effective results.

The people should be aware about whats happening, unfortunately a lot is remain under-buried or left out being smaller in place or size. In the state of Odisha, the development in rural are highlighted yet issues are under a miss. Even today elections times are given huge coverage’s yet the benefits that should be drawn for rural aid is not yet achievable.

State like Odisha which is economical and socially weak as compared to rest developing states of the country, a lot more is expected by the media and government as a whole for the state to develop and prosperous a whole.

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