Masovera project Safeguarding isolated rural farms

Local Action Groups (LAGS) working to promote LEADER's 'bottom-up' approach to rural development in the EU. 
Masovera project Safeguarding isolated rural farms

The final meeting of the ‘Masovera’ project was held in mid December 2012 in Gudar-Javalambre in Aragon, Spain with an objective to propagate the results of the development project addressing the challenges facing traditional isolated rural farms- ‘masadas’ – that are typical to the region. A follow on cooperation project twinning Masoveras (sustainable masadas) from different countries was also launched in the two day event.

Six Local Action Groups (LAG) areas sharing a common characteristic, namely, the existence of large tracts of land with scattered communities that do not enjoy the services and infrastructure experienced by the rest of the population were also involved in the four year cooperation project. It was hoped that this initiative would ensure the future of the 83 remaining masadas (down from an original number of over 2000) in the small region of Gudar-Javalambre.

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