Maruti s Rural Focus Drives Sales

Maruti Suzuki's six-year-old focus on rural markets has driven its sales. Today, the company sells one-third of all cars in the country's hinterland.
Maruti s Rural Focus Drives Sales

Maruti’s rural sales grew 16% in financial year 2013-14. At 336,463 units, this segment comprises 32% of the car market leader’s total sales spread over 93,500 villages, up from 44374 villages where the company sold its cars in 2012-13. The automobile company sees its non-metro push as the drive to the future.

According to Maruti chairman R C Bhargava, "Our car sales in rural areas is now 32% of our total sales. Future growth of our industry will be more and more from non-metro cities and rural areas. We continue to strengthen our sales and service structure in these areas."

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