Market Mirchi: Connecting farmers with market digitally

Market Mirchi is helping farmers in finding customers online for their products and establishing direct market linkages. Pragati Gokhale writes

Market Mirchi: Connecting farmers with market digitally

Amid COVID-10 pandemic, farmers and rural entrepreneurs are finding it hard to sell their products and services due to various restrictions. At this time, Market Mirchi through ’Mission Mera Mobile Mera Marketing’  is helping them in finding customers online for their products and establishing direct market linkages.

Mission Mera Mobile Mera Marketing is a disruptive bottom up approach for enabling digitisation of agricultural and rural marketing from rural stakeholders through their own mobiles.

Key components  

Market Mirchi portal

Agile, indigenous, responsive web portal  highlights all rural and agro categories for free digital marketing of rural and agro products, SHG (self-help-group) products, rural services and rural jobs. This portal is completely mobile responsive but does not need downloading like a app.It is developed using latest progressive web technologies.

Creation of back-end linkages
Hands on sessions are conducted of rural stakeholders such as farmers, self-help-groups , farmer producer organisations (FPOs), agro entrepreneurs, rural entrepreneurs among others on using this platform effectively for posting their own ads as well as searching and contacting buyers in search buyers section. These capacity building programmes are taken for them using their own mobiles .Various field level programmes are taken for creating these back-end linkages with support from various government and non-government players working in rural development sector. Videos on how to use the portal for your zero budget digital agro marketing is also prepared by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation (MKCL) in Hindi and are distributed among farmers, SHGs over their WhatsApp. Detailed e-learning course on Zero Budget Detail Marketing For Agro, Rural sector is also made by MKCL. NABARD has shown interest to introduce this course for their beneficiaries, this also can be disseminated through Krishi Vidnyan Kendras (KVKs).

Creation of front-end linkages
To find buyers for agricultural and rural products, various online and offline strategies which include Data Mining and AI techniques, leveraging social media channels, networking through agro supply chain events are taken up.

Generation of Data Analytics
Analysis of data generated is done by using open source business intelligence tools and these data analytics value are then back streamed in database of the portal. Also it can be used for empowering other rural development initiatives.

Apart from increasing digital footprint of rural India, more than 60 percent direct market leads are generated by this free but effective humble effort.

For getting real benefits of digital revolution at the bottom of the pyramid it is essential to have such disruptive integrated programmes. As per the latest reforms coming under Covid -19 stated FM Nirmala Sitaraman there will not be any control for farmers selling their products in open markets and fetching good revenue directly by bypassing APMCs.

(Views expressed in the article are author’s own.)

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