Maha College To Organise Agri Finance Seminar

Modern college of Pune has invited as many as 80 farmers across the state to attend a specially designed agricultural finance seminar on September 13 rn
Maha College To Organise Agri Finance Seminar

The Modern College, Pune, apart from serving an educational purpose, is also going to conduct a special seminar for farmers based on agricultural finance on 13 September. More than 80 farmers across the country are invited to attend the seminar.
All the farmers invited have their children studying in the same college and most of the parents will be visiting the city and the college for the first time.
“I have been living in Pune for three years now, but was unable to invite my father to see my college,” said Sagar Shravgi, a third year BCom student from a village in Jalgaon district.
“My father looks after our five-acre farm in my village. Jawar and cotton are the main crops grown in our region. In rural areas, getting adequate information about various government and bank schemes is a major hurdle. He will benefit from the sessions,” he added.
The college has specially invited reputed Hinjawadi-based farmer Dnyaneshwar Bodke to share his success story. Bodke has a farm in Hinjewadi and once a week staff members from the college receive fresh supply of vegetables from his farm. Bodke has been instrumental in promoting innovative marketing techniques to ensure direct contact with consumers by boycotting the middlemen
Sanjay Kharat, college’s principal, said, “Unlike city students, those coming from rural areas very rarely get the opportunity to meet their parents. The Kisan Palak initiative will give them a chance to do so.”
Experts from National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), College of Agriculture Pune and Cosmos Bank are going to guide farmers especially on modernisation of farming and financial aspects.

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