Lupin Foundation offers modern kits to barbers

Lupin  Human Welfare and  Research Foundation has  taken visionary steps to alleviate poverty in the village of Bharatpur in Rajasthan. They have been distributing the kits of modern hairdressing equipments to the barbers belonging to
Lupin Foundation offers modern kits to barbers

Barber community in the remote area of the village are facing challenge  in their  age-old profession as mechanization and  modernization of their  occupation is increasing day by day.  Those who were  financially well-heeled, have  migrated to cities  and opened their own shops, but the rest  of them stayed back  and  found  it difficult to make  sufficient earning for their families, and  most  of the time they are forced  to look for other  works. Barbers living in the remote areas are facing loss of livelihood with increasing mechanization and modernization of their  occupation.

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