Land bill is farmer friendly Amit Shah

BJP president Amit Shah said the Land Acquisition Bill is kisan mitra farmer friendly and not anti-farmer rnrn
Land bill is farmer friendly Amit Shah

Blaming the Congress for spreading rumours about Land Acquisition Bill, BJP president Amit Shah on Sunday said the legislation is "kisan mitra" (farmer friendly) and not ‘anti-farmer’ as dubbed by the Opposition.

"Congress is trying to spread falsehood and create confusion around the Land Acquisition Bill that it is anti- farmers.. (but) it is ‘kisan mitra’," Shah told.
"I want to assure farmers of Madhya Pradesh and the country that no injustice will be done to them in the Land Acquisition bill," he added.

The BJP-led NDA government at the Centre has been facing stiff resistance from the Opposition and few of its allies on the Land Acquisition Bill which was passed with amendments in the Lok Sabha during the Budget Session but got stuck in the Rajya Sabha.

The party chief reiterated its stand that not an inch of farmers’ land will be given away to the industrialists as being alleged by Congress and even in case farmers have to relinquish their land, they would be duly compensated as per the provisions in the bill.

He said the villages of the country need road, electricity, education, rail line network and hospitals.

Shah called upon party cadres to reach out to the masses to counter false claims by Congress’s over the bill.

Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Shah said Modi’s visit to the US and other countries have caught world’s attention while former PM Mahmohan Singh’s tours used to be low key affairs.

"Thousands of people turn up to receive Modi during his foreign visits. It is not Modi or BJP’s image which is growing across the world but the pride of millions of Indians," he said.

He also hailed the governance of Modi and said not a single allegation of corruption has been levelled against the government in last one year after it attained charge of the office at the Centre, while scams were a common thing during previous UPA regime.

"NDA-led by Narendra bhai registered massive win with a promise to end corruption. One year of the government is nearing completion but not a single allegation of corruption has been levelled against it," he said.

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