Kirana King: Transforming Grocery Retail

Kirana King is focusing towards the enhancement of local grocery stores, which don’t possess ample resources and assistance to give their business much needed hike

 Kirana King: Transforming Grocery Retail

A revolutionary idea and a drastic turn in the retail Kirana business – Kirana King – India Ki Nayi Dukan is all set to give a makeover to the Indian grocery sector. With its incredible approach towards empowering the retail Kirana ecosystem, the company has recently unveiled its retail format by providing a complete makeover to 14 retail stores in Jaipur. Kirana King is focusing towards the enhancement of local grocery stores, which don’t possess ample resources and assistance to give their business much needed hike.

Grocery retail constitutes 69 percent of the total Indian retail market and its total estimated value is US$ 552 billion, out of which 92 percent i.e. US$ 504 billion falls into the unorganised sector. The idea behind Kirana King is to organise this sector and to eradicate all the business challenges and illuminate all Kirana Stores with the rays of success and happiness.

The way of doing retail business is evolving at lightning fast speed across the sectors in India, the consumer buying behaviour is changing rapidly and online business is growing day by day but it is the Kirana shops that remain unchanged over the years. So the major question that hammers the head is how they are going to survive and sustain in the future if they don’t adopt the new business methods? That’s how Kirana King was born, with one clear mission of empowering the existing Kirana retail business by focusing on standardisation, centralisation and digitisation and giving new look and uniform brand identity to Kirana shops in India.

India has roughly 12 million Kirana stores out of which 80 percent of the stores are running as the small family business following traditional retailing method. With an ambition of empowering grocery retail, Kirana King is all set to roll out 500 similar Kirana outlets in Jaipur and 10,000 Kirana shops all over the country till 2025. Indian grocery retail industry accounts for 16 percent of the country’s gross domestic products (GDP) and 8 percent of the total employment in the country.

The company headed in the direction of empowerment under the guidance of Anup Kumar Khandelwal, founder & CEO of Kirana King who is using his decades of global and local business experience and unmatched expertise to plan a structured system and set the achievable goals.

Highlighting about the venture, Khandelwal said,”We started with a thorough field research in and around Jaipur and then moved pan India to understand the local grocery retail at length. Our experts also studied the traditional and modern grocery systems in various parts of the world. After significant research, we concluded that the problem isn’t with the demand but it is with the unorganised way of doing business.”

Considering a list of issues throughout the supply chain infrastructure, Kirana King created an ecosystem to empower the entire grocery retail business. This involves the retailers, the suppliers and the consumers with Kirana King as the main connecting link. The initial results surpassed the expectations and re-established the belief of brand in much-trusted belief of ‘Changes are good for Growth’.

Kirana King has created a channel partnership programme to empower existing Kirana stores that covers various critical components which go towards running a well organised Kirana store.

Kirana King is all set to roll out “Parivartan” in Kirana industry, a transformation of Kirana wala’s to Kirana King. They are resonating the message “Aazadi” of Kirana wala’s from their age-old traditional format. The company, which has piloted 13 value stores and one superstore in Jaipur, is now gearing up to scale it up over 100 by December 2018. They are planning to use omni-channel strategy to empower the grocery retail ecosystem to scale up digital business and woo younger customers.

Benefits with the programme

  • The goodwill of the Kirana King brand so that they can win the trust of the customer
  • While the traditional Kirana store will remain an entrepreneur driven standalone entity, they get benefit from the scale and scope of a large retail chain Kirana King along with their existing identity remains intact
  • Advantage of getting professionally managed services managed by highly qualified and a very experienced management team in the grocery retail Industry
  • Kirana King assists all the shops in shelf space planning, advertising and marketing to employee attire to make them organised
  • Single source purchase and centralised supply system catering to the requirement of the grocery retail chain ensure the benefits of large scale economies transfer to the partners so that they can get the cheaper price and can increase their profits
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