Kharif crop sowing crosses 1026 lakh hectares

Area of Pulses Oilseeds Sugarcane and Cotton exceeds normal area
Kharif crop sowing crosses 1026 lakh hectares

The total area sown under kharif crops as on 24th September, 2015 has reached to 1026.23 lakh hectares as compared to 1014.24 lakh hectare last year at this time.

Rice has been sown/transplanted in 374.09 lakh hectares, pulses in 113.45 lakh hectare (normal area 108.18 lakh hectares) coarse cereals in 183.16 lakh hectares, oilseeds in 183.68 lakh hectares (normal area 182.30 lakh hectares), sugarcane in 48.84 lakh hectares (normal area 48.37 lakh hectares) and cotton in 115.20 lakh hectares (normal area 115.02 lakh hectares).

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