John Deere bets big on technology launches 3 new tractors

In order to attract youth in the agriculture sector and to provide better solutions to the farmers, John Deere focuses on technological advancements. The company launched three new tractors in New Delhi today. 
John Deere bets big on technology launches 3 new tractors

Imagine, a farmer ploughs his field with his tractor and gets all facilities that he can avail while driving a car. In order to attract the young and new age farmers, John Deere India, a subsidiary of Deere & Company, today launched a tractor with air-conditioned cabin and an adjustable seat at EIMA Agrimach India agri machinery exhibition in New Delhi.
Having an AC cabin, the 60 HP tractor, 5060E has specifications of power brakes and all comforts, convenience and elegance in the model. This model is available at Rs 14.5 lakh in 4-wheel drive while at Rs 13.5 lakh in 2-wheel drive.

The American tractor company claims to provide all facilities and technological advancements with its tractors, which it has been providing to its customers in Europe and the United States. Betting big on technology, the company has launched two more models with Perma Clutch and Power Reverser in the exhibitions, equipped with latest and advanced technologies. 
Introducing the Perma Clutch, the company claims to be the first company in the industry to offer warranty on the clutch for 3,000 hours or three years.
The Power Reverser is specifically aimed at the commercial segment in India. The feature allows the driver to shift from forward to reverse with a flick of a switch, without using the clutch pedal. Experts believe that operators will not go back to using a conventional tractor once they have experienced the power reverser.

In the exhibition, the company has highlighted the product innovations introduced this year in India that are important to customer convenience and reducing operating costs in farming.
“John Deere is committed to bring right solution to the Indian farmers as per their requirements,” said Satish Nadiger, Managing Director, John Deere India. “We continue to design and manufacture machines that feature advanced technology and proven product reliability. This is important to modernising Indian agriculture,” Nadiger added.
These technological advancements can set the industry standard in the Indian tractor market in the coming years. In the past 15 years, it was the first company in India to offer tractors with power-steering, wet brakes, dry-type air cleaner and four-wheel drive.
“Innovation and quality are core values at John Deere,” said Dr. JB Penn – Chief Economist, John Deere. “Our products and employees demonstrate this every single day, designing more features and technologies to meet the growing expectations of customers in India and overseas,” he added.
According to Penn, to feed the increasing global population, the farm production has to be doubled by 2050, this will be the key driver of farm machinery sector. Another driver is the urbanisation and migration from rural to urban as the farm sector faces shortage of labourers. “In the farm sector, today’s biggest challenge is to produce more with lesser natural resources, hence farm mechanisation is bringing the solution,” Penn further added. 
Keeping the technological advancements on the focal point, the company spends on an average Rs 20 crore per day on research and development, considered the largest R&D expenditure in the automotive industry.
The company is going to launch a new model, JD Link – with a telematics service using mobile phone technology to provide crucial information about the tractor from its location, performance, usage patterns, theft alert, service requirement and fuel consumption, among other features.
Rajesh Sinha, Director Sales & Marketing of the company said in the launch, “We see increasing demand within and outside India for the machinery we manufacture here in India. John Deere is the largest exporter of tractors from India for the 11th year in a row. Indian farmers are getting more aware and need equipment that is user-friendly and helps lower operating costs while increasing farm productivity.”
Deere started its operation in India 60 years ago with sales of farm equipment. In 1997, the company created a joint venture in the country and fully acquired the JV in 2005. Since then, Deere has added manufacturing locations, a technology and engineering centre in Pune, and a non-banking finance company to support John Deere’s dealers and customers. Today, John Deere has tractors ranging from 36 HP to 75 HP for all segments of farmers.
“John Deere is a solution provider in India,” said Mukul Varshney, VP – Corporate Affairs at the company. “We work with various companies in the agriculture value chain to bring end-to-end solutions to our farmers. We see a growing trend for customer hiring centers that are proving benefits to smallholder farmers,” he added. 

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