Jacqueline Fernandez supports The Body Shop’s CSR Project

The Body Shop announces first ever bio bridge project in India and pledges to protect in Indian Elephants in Garo Hills Meghalaya


Jacqueline Fernandez supports The Body Shop’s CSR Project

The Body Shop, a global beauty brand, today announced its latest CSR initiative for the Indian market, of commencing its Bio-Bridge project in Garo Hills, Meghalaya, India. The company has roped in support film actress Jacqueline Fernandez as brand ambassador for the project.The Body Shop globally aims to raise £140,000 for this project.

The company has pledged to help protect the endangered Indian Elephant and Western Hoolock Gibbon by constructing the Bio-Bridge with every transaction during a three months long campaign commencing September 2017. This Bio Bridge will protect habitat for some of the world’s most threatened species, by planting one square metre of habitat against every transaction at the brand in India.

Partnering with World Land Trust (WLT) and its local partner Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), The Body Shop will build a Bio-Bridge in the Garo Hills district of Meghalaya state in India, protecting and regenerating a corridor of land for endangered animals to pass through safely. Garo Hills is one of the wettest regions in the world, with more than 11 metres of rainfall a year in some areas; the heavy rainfall is a major factor contributing to the exceptional biodiversity of the region. Through long-term research programmes, WTI have gained a deep understanding of the movements of endangered elephants which use Garo Hills as a corridor, and the threats to their habitats. WTI is working with local communities to encourage them to designate the area as Village Reserve Forest (VRF) and help create alternative economic opportunities to jhumming (a traditional form of slash and burn farming), which is the biggest threat to the elephant corridors.

Jacqueline Fernandez, Brand Ambassador of The Body Shop India said, “ It’s very encouraging to see a beauty brand taking a lead in wildlife conservation and community development. I extend my full support towards the Bio Bridges Project and am delighted to be associated with such a socially responsible brand. I request you all to join hands with The Body Shop and help protect these endangered species.”

Shriti Malhotra, COO, The Body Shop India said, “We carry forward our founder Anita Roddick’s legacy of giving back to society especially to the local environment and communities. We are very happy that Garo Hills has been selected as one of the project locations for The Body Shop international Bio-Bridge programme” 

“Every consumer who shops in-stores and online from today till End November will contribute to the securing of 1.8 mn sq meters of Forest corridor and protection of wildlife in Garo Hills. We look forward to working on long term benefit for the region as well. We welcome everyone’s support in making the Bio-Bridge project a success,” she added. 

The Body Shop also recently launched its new corporate philanthropy initiative, World Bio-Bridges Mission (Re-wilding the World), a fund which aims to raise over £2million to create a further ten Bio-Bridges globally by 2020.

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