Israeli delegation explores new avenues for cooperation

A delegation of Israeli medical device companies visited India recently to explore the opportunity of cooperation in the field of life sciences
Israeli delegation explores new avenues for cooperation

Israel, a world leader in groundbreaking innovations and finding new technological solutions, has also become a major provider of innovative solutions in the field of life sciences. A delegation of medical device companies met with Indian hospitals, distributors and importers for collaboration.

The delegation included eight Israeli medical device companies focusing on EMR, Cardiovascular and Peripheral Vascular, Diabetics, Gynecology & Women Health, Oncology and Neurosurgery, Intensive Care, Orthopedic, Rehabilitation, Wound Management and Obstetrics. The Israeli delegation showcased their devices and technologies while engaging in meetings with their Indian counterparts in Mumbai and Delhi.

Israel’s Commercial Attaché to India, Yoni Ben-Zaken said, “We see great potential in India’s healthcare sector. Our goal is to bridge between the growing infrastructure and services requirements in India and the unique technology Israelis can bring here.”

“Many Israeli companies are keen to be part of the rapidly developing Indian healthcare system that is striving to provide the best medical procedures and services to the Indian public. There is no doubt this cooperation is beneficial to both sides,” Zaken added.

Ambassador of Israel to India, Daniel Carmon said:” Providing quality healthcare is a goal of both the Indian and the Israeli governments. I am confident that Israeli medical device technologies can and will have a strong and positive effect in India and strengthen the partnership between the two countries.”

Israeli solutions respond to today’s healthcare challenges to lower overall healthcare costs and meet the world’s evolving needs. Israel is home to around 1,000 life science companies, with 40 new companies being formed each year. Many Israeli companies such as Teva, Insightec, Medinol, Compugen, Kamada have been at the forefront in the development and marketing of life-changing medical devices, treatments and medications. In this field, Israeli scientists and engineers have integrated advanced technologies in Electronics, Communications and Electro-optics to develop world-class innovations in Digital Imaging, medical lasers, Telemedicine, Early Diagnostic and Smart Surgical equipment.

Israel’s health sector is supported by a strong foundation of academic excellence, including some of the world’s leading research institutes; renowned R&D facilities, such as the Technion and the Weizmann Institute, as well as cutting-edge medical centers. Seven university-associated and five hospital-linked technology transfer organizations (TTO) provide a valuable bridge to connect researchers and early-stage projects with both investors and partnerships with multinational corporations.

The Israeli medical companies that are part of this delegation include: InSightec, LevEl Diagnostics, Maabarot, MCS, Persys Medical, Trig Medical and Tuttnauer.

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