ISMA projects 311 sugar availability during 2016-17 Season

According to ISMA, closing stock at the end of 2016 season would be at 56 lac tonnes which would be sufficient to meet 2 ½ months consumption in the initial period of 2017-18 SS
ISMA projects 311 sugar availability during 2016-17 Season

The Indian Sugar Mills Association(ISMA) has issued its latest projection about the sugar production in the country and said with the carry over stock of 77 lac tonnes as on 1st October 2016 and estimated sugar production of 234 lac tonnes, total sugar available in the country during 2016-17 Sugar Season(SS) would be around 311 lac tonnes, against the estimated consumption of 255 lac tonnes.

“Thus, closing stock at the end of the season is expected at 56 lac tonnes, which would be sufficient to meet 2 ½ months consumption in the initial period of 2017-18 SS,” it said.

ISMA said that crushing operations for the current 2016-17 SS have been started, about 15 in the first fortnight of October and another 13 in the second fortnight of October, 2016. In all, 28 mills have started crushing as on 31st October, 2016, as against 65 in 2015-16 Sugar Season(SS)same time. Till 31st October 2016, sugar mills have produced 1.04 lac tonnes of sugar, as against 1.87 lac tonnes produced last year upto the corresponding period.

In Karnataka, 19 sugar mills have started their crushing operations in October’16 as against 12 operated last year on the corresponding date. As on 31st October, 2016, sugar production in the State was 69,000 tonnes, which is 12,000 tonnes lower than the sugar produced during the same period last season. In case of Tamil Nadu, 4 sugar mills were in operation as on 31st October, 2016 and sugar production was 20,000 tonnes, as compared to 31,000 tonnes produced by 8 mills in 2015-16 SS upto 31st October, 2015.

Three mills in Uttar Pradesh have also started crushing from second fortnight of October’16 and these mills estimated to have produced 12,000 tonnes upto 31st October, 2016. During 2015-16 SS, only one mill in U.P. was in operation in October’15 and its production was negligible.

Apart from the above, one sugar mill each in Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh have started their operations and these two mills’ estimated sugar production are at 3,000 tonnes.

During 2015-16 SS, 14 sugar mills in Gujarat and 30 mills in Maharashtra operated in the month of October, 2015. However, during 2016-17 SS, Maharashtra mills delayed their starting so as to get the cane matured further to get better sugar recovery from standing cane. These mills are now expected to start crushing from 5th November, 2016. Similarly, Gujarat mills are expected to start this week.

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