Ireland could be world leader in climate smart agriculture

Survey shows that vast majority of experts believe State should take a leadership role
Ireland could be world leader in climate smart agriculture

Ireland needs to develop its agricultural sector to be climate smart but also economically rewarding to farmers and to food producers, a new group has urged.

The Leadership Forum on Climate Smart Agriculture is a joint initiative between the Royal Dublin Society and the Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA).

It held its first session Thursday in the RDS at which it presented the findings of a survey, which suggested Ireland could take a leading role in sustainable farming globally.

The online survey assessed attitudes to climate-smart agriculture.

The findings showed that an overwhelming majority (95 percent) though it important reducing greenhouse gas emissions be reduced. Almost the same number agreed that adaptation measures were important.

At the same time 88 percent of respondents believed that increasing agriculture productivity and incomes was also important. The concept of Irish leadership in climate smart agriculture was also strongly supported.

Specifically, the most popular measure listed more efficient use of less-polluting fertilisers; more investment in research; better agricultural land use; and improving biodiversity.

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