Internet services to reach nearly one lakh rural homes

AT&T is committed to widespread broadband deployment, including serving those who live and work in hard-to-reach and remote areas.
Internet services to reach nearly one lakh rural homes

Even with the latest technology, in some areas, broadband deployment is not economically viable. To address that problem, in late 2011, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) modernized its Universal Service program to support networks capable of providing broadband and voice services. It created the Connect America Fund (CAF) to expand broadband in rural areas where market forces and economics do not support expansion.

AT&T has elected to participate in the second phase of the CAF program in Mississippi, committing to deploy broadband to more than 133,000 rural homes and businesses. Created by the FCC, the CAF program promotes broadband deployment in high-cost, underserved parts of the United States. AT&T Mississippi will receive almost $50 million annually, for the coming six years, to help meet the CAF commitment in the Magnolia State.

"AT&T Mississippi has been participating in the FCC’s universal service program since 2000," stated Mayo Flynt, President of AT&T Mississippi. "The new CAF II funds, combined with AT&T’s latest technology, will help us significantly close the broadband Internet access gap in our state. It’s very exciting."

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