Insecticides (India) launches ‘Kayakalp’ to improve soil health

Insecticides (India) Ltd has recently launched a biological product Kayakalp that would improve the soil health and rejuvenate it organically to improve plant health and productivity

Insecticides (India) launches ‘Kayakalp’ to improve soil health

Insecticides (India) Ltd, India’s leading farm solutions company has recently launched a biological product Kayakalp that would improve the health of soil and rejuvenate it organically to improve plant health and productivity.

Kayakalp, a Hindi term which means ‘Rejuvenation’ or ‘Transformation’ of one’s physical being, works as a natural catalyser to improve soil’s organic capacity, strengthen its nutrient value and act as a health booster tonic for the soil that will help Indian farmers improve output. The product is also duly approved by National Centre of Organic Farming, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, Government of India.

Over the years, increasing pressure on limited agricultural land in India has resulted in overuse of fertilisers on soil, excessive tillage and lack of appropriate crop rotation. This has resulted in soil degradation and loss of fertility, which are emerging as major challenges for the Indian farmers.

According to estimates, soil degradation is estimated to be severely impacting the 147 million hectares of cultivable land in India, causing a successive deterioration in its productive capacity.

“Our endeavour has always been to research and innovate solutions that help farmers address the most pressing challenges to farm productivity. Soil degradation and successively declining soil fertility is certainly among the gravest concerns for farmers. With Kayakalp, we will be able to equip farmers with a tool that will transform the health of their soil, making them grow better and produce more,” said Rajesh Agarwal, Managing Director, Insecticides (India) Limited.

Highlighting the need of educating farmers about protecting and rejuvenating the soil health, Aggarwal also announced the launch of a country-wide awareness drive for farmers under the name of “Bhumi Kayakalp Abhiyan” (Land Rejuvenation Campaign), under which the company aims to reach out to over 10 lakh farmers within next two years.

According to Insecticide India, Kayakalp improves soil’s organic carbon, enriches soil properties such as ion exchange capacity, its water holding capacity, balances soil pH, , and makes available micro nutrients such as iron, zinc, magnesium, and boron to the plants. It also serves to promote growth of other beneficial micro organisms that re-establish a healthy soil and allows plants to thrive.

Apart from natural factors such as floods, volcanoes and earthquakes, a number of human induced factors such as deforestation, ill management of industrial wastes, over-grazing by cattle, and urban expansion, are also responsible for loss of soil’s productive capacity. Inappropriate agricultural practices that contribute to this include excessive tillage, frequent cropping, poor irrigation and water management and unscientific rotation of crops. Decline in soil organic matter causes limited soil life and poor soil structure.

““The product is very important for changing soil’s physical as well as chemical conditions. We have tested in farmers’ field and noted the change in soil,” said Dr. Krishan Chandra, Director, National Centre of Organic Farming during the launch.

“Kayakalp is a game changing product for Indian agriculture. Our agri-science experts have worked extensively to create a bio product that will help farmers improve soil’s organic capacity and productivity. Kayakalp has been created to replenish the soil, increase its organic carbon, which is a sign of good soil health, as well as improve its physical properties. We hope this product will provide a real time boost to the Indian farmers who are grappling with challenges like depleted soil fertility and soil health,” Dr. LC Rohela, Head – Research & QA, Insecticides (India) Limited said.

“I am sure, Kayakalp will further boost the company’s trust among farmers. Significant part of IIL’s work is its awareness and educational campaigns that take experts and scientists to the farmers, to educate them about practices such as intelligent crop rotation and judicious use of agro chemicals. The launch of the Bhumi Kayakalp Abhiyan is another welcome initiative,” said Suniel Shetty, Actor and Brand Ambassador of Insecticides (India) Limited.

Kayakalp also helps increase soil’s microflora to improve its fertility, helps solubalise fixed phosphates in the soil and makes it available for plant uptake, rectifies electrical conductivity of soil and improves the cation exchange and anion exchange capacity of soil. The application technique of this product releases certain enzymes which on plant uptake will prevent some soil borne diseases in plants and repel certain insects. In fact, sustained use of this product will attract earthworm in suitable environment condition, which also makes the soil healthy, and serve to reduce use of chemical fertiliser by up to 25 percent under recommended agronomical practices.

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