IndianMoney Com Is Taking Jobs To The Rural Youth

IndianMoney com has taken up a unique initiative to take jobs to people rather than bringing people to jobs
IndianMoney Com Is Taking Jobs To The Rural Youth, India’s financial education company, has taken up a unique initiative to take jobs to people rather than bringing people to jobs., which currently manages a large team of ‘Wealth Doctors’ who educate/advice consumers on various financial products and concepts, is now expanding its team while creating better employment opportunities for the rural youth. And to accomplish this social mission, has partnered with RuralShores and Samarthanam, who are involved in the mission of providing employment to educated youth from smaller towns in India.
CS Sudheer, Founder and CEO,, said, "It’s an opportunity for us to give back something to the society. Thousands of our youth venture to big cities in search of jobs every year. We are happy that now we are able to take jobs to the people."

The intention behind outsourcing to Samarthanam and RuralShores is to leverage their expertise in providing employment in rural locations thereby fulfilling the organisations’ combined objective of being a social enterprise.

Mahantesh G K, Founder and Managing Trustee, Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, said, "We are very excited about the partnership between and Samarthanam’s BPO – Kirana. As a result of partnerships like this, Kirana today provides employment to 88 young adults from rural areas including 31 persons with disabilities. More than 50 percent of the disabled employees are persons with visual impairment. It is a known fact that persons with visual impairment receive highest sympathy but least job opportunities. 50 percent of the workforce is women. The door-step employment opportunity has resulted in improved living conditions and increased economic activity among the vulnerable groups. An indirect impact observed during a recent impact assessment was that due to increased aspirations there is motivation to send children to school. We hope this partnership has a great future and we wish great success."
Harsh Lal, EVP and Chief Client Engagement Officer, RuralShores, said, " is filling a much needed void – that of educating individuals about financial instruments and investment options. We see a strong synergy in IndianMoney’s responsible initiative and our objective of generating rural employment by transforming rural youth into knowledge professionals. Our organisation has not only promoted financial inclusion and women empowerment, but also curbed urban migration of upto 75 percent among our associates and increased asset acquisition by more than 50 percent. We are delighted to partner and propagate financial knowledge across the country through our able process champions from our centres in the north and south of India."

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