Indian NGOs need to acquire fund-raising skills

Experts root for a professional approach to fund-raising for better social service and accountability
Indian NGOs need to acquire fund-raising skills

Fundraising for Non Governmental Organisations ( NGO) has now been a major challenge.With international funding drying up in India, NGOs today realise this fact more than ever before, and are therefore seeking professional ways to raise funds within the country.

The Resource Alliance, an affiliate of RA UK is helping NGOs in their resource mobilization efforts and believes in imparting skills to them in order to make them sustainable in the long run.

“NGO workers are excellent grassroots level workers. But they lack good marketing and communication skills. And that is why many good organisations face perpetual fund crisis,” says Maj. Gen. Surat Sandhu, Chair, The Resource Alliance.

Experts are stressing the need for more professionalised ways of fundraising for better programme implementation and accountability among not-for-profit organisations in India. Most NGOs in India are dependent on funding and support from government and international donors and sadly have not been able to develop their own visions and organisational goals.

In the West, trained fundraisers are able to raise billions of dollars each year for the not for profit sector. However, in India only about a billion dollars are raised every year by NGOs in spite of the potential being over $ 15 Billion a year.

“Capacity building of young fundraisers has now become a priority, which alone can make NGOs sustainable, accountable, transparent and credible. Indian corporations are also looking to invest in CSR. They need to develop skills to tap individual and corporate donors,” adds Maj. Gen. Sandhu.

More than $ 3 billion dollars come into the country through the FCRA route as foreign funding but not even a small fraction of 1 percent of this is spent on training, skill building and up gradation in fundraising. NGOs need to invest in local fundraising which alone can move them to sustainability and independence.

The Company’s Act 2013 has facilitated the availability of funds from the Corporates for development work thereby creating massive opportunities for NGOs to raise and use these funds. NGOs need to enable themselves to access the funds from the Corporates.

"SRF Foundation being an implementing NGO, set up by parent corporate body for its CSR action, commands respect from the community because of its grassroots work. While carrying CSR mandate of parent body, it also attracts funding from other corporate bodies by building collaborations and taking care of quality program delivery, branding and employee volunteering etc." says Dr. Y. Suresh Reddy of Gurgaon based SRF Foundation.

Latest economic surveys have revealed an increase in the level of disposal income among households in India followed by over a million high net worth individuals who remain untapped. This untapped potential further expedites the need for creating fundraisers urgently in India.


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