Indian infrastructure market to reach USD 6 6 tn by 2025 report

India s infrastructure market is expected to touch USD 6 6 trillion by 2025 which will be nearly 12 5 per cent of the Asia-Pacific says a report
Indian infrastructure market to reach USD 6 6 tn by 2025 report

In its recent report, the consultancy firm PwC has stated that the infrastructure market of Asia Pacific is anticipated to soar by 7-8 percent a year and would reach to approx. USD 53.6 trillion by 2025, resulting to 60 percent of the world total.

The market is expected to touch USD 6.6 trillion by 2025 in India alone, which will be around 12.5 percent of the Asia-Pacific with key-sectors like housing, healthcare, education, transportation etc. being the growth drives.

"Overall, India’s share of the Asia-Pacific infrastructure market is expected to continue to grow, reaching around 12.5 percent or USD 6.6 trillion by 2025," PwC said in its report.

The report also states that transportation and utilities investment is estimated to multiply threefold as income and travel demand will rise and so will the congregation of population in urban centres.

"The ongoing development of technology services sector, as well as demand from households, is likely to drive investment in telecommunications infrastructure. The population is expected to grow much faster than other countries in the region, which will further boost demand for infrastructure sectors serving households," it said.

While annual healthcare investment is anticipated to grow to USD 37 billion by 2025, education infrastructure spending will likely surge to USD 18.9 billion.

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