India offers Bangladesh help in agriculture

India is keen to help Bangladesh to improve its agriculture sector by providing all necessary technological supports
India offers Bangladesh help in agriculture

Mohanbhai Kundariya, Minister of State for Agriculture, said, “If we get any proposal from Bangladesh, we will definitely take it seriously. We will be happy to share our technology with Bangladesh.”

Agriculture is the single largest sector and it accounts for about 30 percent of Bangladesh’s GDP. Also, it employs around 60 percent of the total labour force. Improving it has always been a priority. However, recurring calamities like floods and the loss of food and cash crops disrupt the development process.

“If we can work together in this sector, I think we will be able to change the overall position of the agriculture sector,” said Kundariya.

The performance of Bangladesh’s agriculture sector has an overwhelming impact on employment generation, poverty alleviation, human resources development and food security.

He further added that India was keen to import fresh fruits from Bangladesh. “In fact, in the just-concluded vibrant Gujrat conclave, we have signed MoU with the government of Israel. We have also decided to exchange technologies with the government of Poland,” said Kundariya. “We would like to do the same with Bangladesh.”

Referring to fluctuating potato prices, Kundariya said that India was going to have cold storage facilities across the country. “We don’t have proper cold storage facilities for potato. So prices keep fluctuating. We are going to have cold storage facilities across the country, and, once that happens, I think there will not be any big fluctuation in its prices,” Kundariya said.

Traders in Bangladesh always complain about fluctuating prices of potato imported from India.

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