India- Brazil should remove intermediaries in Agri sector

Brazilian Agriculture Minister Katia Abreu emphasises on creation of an independent commercial relationship in agriculture between India and Brazil
India- Brazil should remove intermediaries in Agri sector

Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, Brazil Katia Abreu today said that there are enormous opportunities for collaboration between Indian and Brazilian agriculture sector. She said that there were two choices for India and Brazil. Either the two countries could allow the other international players to lead the trade for them or India and Brazil could remove the intermediaries and develop an independent commercial relationship.

At an interactive session organized by Ficci here she said, “Science and technology has played an important role in the remarkable development of the Brazilian agricultural sector and India could collaborate with Brazilian companies for technology transfer as well as investment in R&D which can result in high growth of Indian agriculture and livestock industry.”

Abreu added that Brazil was blessed with natural resources, skilled manpower and advanced technology and India could leverage the same to increase its agricultural productivity.

Speaking on milk production, Abreu said that Brazil was among the largest producer of milk in the world, with a strong production growth rate. Cooperation in dairy development may prove crucial in helping India, which was already the world’s largest producer of milk, in raising its production considerably.

Sunil Lal, India’s Ambassador to Brazil, said that Brazil was the superpower in agriculture sector. The world is counting on Brazilian production to fight the food security challenges. Brazil is projected to maintain its role as a leading supplier to international food and agriculture markets in future. Hence, India must take advantage of its strategic and political partnership with Brazil to increase its agricultural production by harnessing Brazilian technology. He added that India must look at building long term relationship with Brazil for successful partnership.

While introducing the Brazilian Minister and accompanying delegation, Tovar de Silva Nunes, Ambassador, Embassy of Brazil, said that this was the first visit of the Minister to India. He said that the delegation was visiting the country with the aim of forging a trustworthy relationship.

Manish Singhal, Assistant Secretary General, Ficci, said that in 2013-2014, India’s total exports of agricultural commodities to Brazil were of US$ 56 million. During the same period, the agricultural imports from Brazil were of US $ 656.78 million. The import figures from Brazil are impressive and this clearly brings out that India is depending on Brazil‘s agriculture and there are huge opportunities of trade with Brazil in this sector. With large tracks of arable land in Brazil, it could contribute towards India’s Food Security Program. Brazil’s entire food value chain gives a lot of opportunity to Indian companies and farmers to develop an efficient ‘Farm to Fork’ process in India.

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