IMA urges doctors for free consultation to pregnant women

IMA has written to all its member doctors to provide free antenatal consultation to pregnant women on 9th of every month.
IMA urges doctors for free consultation to pregnant women

During the recently held Indian Medical Association (IMA) national office bearers, state presidents and secretaries meeting in Jaipur, it was unanimously decided that the IMA would support and spread awareness about the Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan (PMSMA). Towards this, a circular has been issued to all 2.7 lakh IMA member doctors across the country to provide free antenatal consultation to all deserving pregnant women on 9th of every month between 9.00 am to 11.00 am.

Launched in June 9, 2016, PMSMA, aims at boosting the healthcare facilities for the pregnant women, especially the poor. Under the program, pregnant women can avail health check-ups and required treatment for free on the 9th of every month in all Government hospitals across the country.

“We believe that this initiative should be supported by even the private doctors and request each and every doctor in the country to observe the 9th of every month as ‘IMA Anti Natal Day’,” said Dr SS Agarwal – National President IMA.

In addition to this, all IMA local and State branches have been told to innovate and add other services, if they wish to. The basic objective of this Abhiyan is to provide better care to mothers during pregnancy so that the mother and child remain healthy during delivery and also to increase the institutional rate of deliveries.

“An emphasis also needs to be made on providing nutritional advice to cover for iron deficiency anaemia”, said Dr KK Aggarwal, Secretary General, IMA. Advice regarding vaccination and vitamin-D supplementation during pregnancy is also essential. IMA will regularly also update the knowledge of doctors regarding the prevention of common diseases during pregnancy. 

Pregnant women, especially from economically weaker sections, tend to be malnourished and lacking in vital nutrients during pregnancy. This often results in children being born with abnormalities and suffering from undernourishment. If monitored on time during pregnancy, several of these abnormalities in newborns can be avoided. 

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