HUL targets wider product categories as part of new strategy

Herbal products diapers some of the areas company will focus its attention in future
HUL targets wider product categories as part of new strategy

FMCG major Hindustan Unilever (HUL) said it has reorganised its go-to-market operations from traditional four sales branches to 14 consumer clusters to service diverse consumers across channels and geographies.

The company has termed this initiative ‘Winning in Many Indias’.

"This model brings us closer to our local consumers and provides us with a more granular understanding of consumers and competitors. It helps us serve our diverse consumer base in more differentiated and relevant ways across the country," HUL Chairman Harish Manwani said at the 82nd Annual General Meeting.

"This is essential for the long term growth of the company and also fulfils our commitment to contribute to India’s growth and development in an inclusive and sustainable manner," he said.

HUL is also looking at effective ways to engage consumers. "Today there are more mobile phones than television or radio sets and India is home to the third largest number of internet users in the world. We are using mobile technologies to reach parts of rural India that are still in media dark," Manwani said.

The FMCG giant is also focusing on initiating projects to address sanitation and hygiene issues in urban areas, based on its rural success.

"Our experience in addressing challenges in the water, sanitation and hygiene area will help us be in a better position to support the government’s ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’," he said.

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