How to make youth empowered through WhatsApp?

In the era of technological disruptions, many mobile applications have brought significant changes in the society. Dr. Arpita Sharma and Amritesh MS Jeena write on how can WhatsApp empower the youth

How to make youth empowered through WhatsApp?

In the era where technology is changing rapidly, world is getting smaller and people are connecting easily. WhatsApp is one of such information and communication social application. This is a popular social app which affects our daily life. This app provides the youth a platform to discuss and take action in the field of education, politics and even share ideas with each others. This social app also helps youth to develop interpersonal skills, self confidence and self esteem. It helps youth to prevent or come over various forms of self harm and addiction. Youth helps each other with this app through providing information, education and knowledge on various aspects. This report aims to discuss the effects of WhatsApp on younger generation.

“If you make a person aware in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make a person aware on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends,” American Internet and aerospace entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos’ words throws light in the effectiveness of communication through mobile applications, particularly the most popular WhatsApp.

Today in rapidly moving world, we can see change in every moment. Therefore, life is getting complicated in every phase but the technology has made life very convenient. It is evolving in the world at very fast pace and affecting people from various ways. There are various information communication technologies (ICT) which are used  for information dissemination. WhatsApp is one of the communication medium in the world of social media.

With the help of this app, we can connect ourselves to the society and the whole world. It is an effective medium for the flow of information and ideas. This application is advantageous for us from many ways which occupies a major part of our day-to-day life. Recently, this app has emerged as an important medium for social networking and sharing of information and ideas.


  • WhatsApp provides a platform to all the persons to share their views, ideas and information to other party.
  • All the members can participate efficiently and effectively on this app. It might be a notice to all members, or asking for opinion of everyone on a public matter.
  • This app is easily accessible. People can download this app from the Goggle Play and can use effectively.  
  • It provides the platform to all the members to make the group and can share their views. One can also make the broadcast group. Through this group we can send one message to multiple people at one time.
  • Teachers can also share their notes and PPTs on this group. Thus, this app also used as a tool for youth empowerment.

What youth can get?
Education: Today students can have many ways to improve themselves in academics. They can form a group on WhatsApp and can share study material, tutorial videos, questions and their solution with each other. There are some student council WhatsApp groups where members discuss matters related to students, organising functions and notifying students of important dates and opportunity to show their talent. They can also work on improving their study environment by sharing their ideas on how to make best use of resources they have on their hand.

Sharing ideas and information: People form groups with the goal of having a safe space for youth to ask all their queries and promoting open youth-to-youth communication. They even hold meetings where they bring together diverse groups of young people to explore cultural, racial and sexual issues. The groups are involved in many aspects of youth’s lives, and offer opportunities for leadership development and guidance for both education and careers.

Politics:  Students can discuss the Government policies that affect them and the Nations on these platforms and even groups together to put their demands in front of the government. They can band together and help each other, all the while enhancing leadership development among young people.

Sharing information and knowledge: WhatsApp gives a platform to share knowledge and information to others. Agriculture Extension scientists from different places have made WhatsApp groups for farmers. In these groups, farmers share their problems in the field and experts give them answers and try their best to solve their problems.

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This is group photographs of B.Sc Ag first year students who are enrolled in Communication Skill for Agricultural Development. They did a nice demonstration for farmers. For this demonstration, they also prepared audio-visual aids. Students also shoot the videos of this programme and also click the photographs. They share these videos and photos to other sections and other students on WhatsApp. In this way, they disseminate the information among many people at one time.

It is a social medium of communication which provides the platform the younger to adult one to share their views, ideas and information among each other.

(Views expressed in the article are authors’ own. Dr. Arpita Sharma is the Assistant Professor at Department of Agricultural Communication, College of Agriculture, GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology (GBPUA&T), Pantnagar and Amritesh MS Jeena is pursuing B.Sc. In the varsity.)

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