How to make Odisha digitally advance Read here the government got an answer

Good news ! Odisha panchayat levels to be connected with fibre optics soon.
How to make Odisha digitally advance Read here the government got an answer

Since years, different part of the country is trying to match the international level of prosperity. Sometimes its infrastructural development, or the recreational facilitates and even a healthy farm. The number is endless. To begin with, the connectivity to electricity is the biggest question mark yet in most rural parts of India.

Odisha’s government taking a step ahead towards the development, this Wednesday decided to come up with fibre optics digital connectivity in the panchayat levels. Odisha will be now among top five states who is going to introduce such technology and connect rural with various sectors such as education, agriculture, health and many more.

Fibre optics has been success in the international countries resulting a huge development in different sectors to develop. Thus, the decision to introduce the same for the State to develop was the outcome of the fruitful meeting between the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and the newly appointed technical advisor Sam Pitroda.

“My mission is to make Odisha digitally advance and the people of the State should even feel the IT is set to make their lives more comfortable and digitilise the systems related to the field of education, health and agriculture,” mentions Pitroda.

The state should have an answer for the people and thus this fibre optic would create a information transferring path.This will definately bring efficiency to poverty alleviation programmes, too, adds Pitroda.

Thus the mission to make Odisha digitally advance and improve the efficiency and enhance the productivity at all level for the state development will be implemented soon, Pitroda has a vision for it. 

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