How significant is to educate people for organ donation

Union Science and Technology Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan called for a revolution to encourage people to pledge their body or organ
How significant is to educate people for organ donation

Speaking at the function which was organised to promote organ donation, Dr Harsh Vardhan said, “The government is trying to develop the institutionalised mechanism through the bone marrow registry at AIIMS and National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) at SafdarJung Hospital. We are also trying to develop six regional centres in the country.”

Dr Harsh Vardhan, further said that "The government is making a planned effort since the day it was formed. We are developing NOTTO and regional centres.”

The Minister also signed a document for donation of his organs which will help Medical students and other people who are in urgent need.
India is at the lowest level in index of organ donors. The rate of organ donation in India is only 0.05 per 1 million population, compared to 40 in Spain and 35 in the United States.

US and Spain are far above then us. “ We should educate people for organ donation. There were surprisingly many donors who are merely age of 27 or 30 but their spirit for organ donation motivated all who attended the programme,” he added.

"They can serve as vision ambassadors, kidney ambassadors and play the crucial role of motivating and assisting people or the family of a deceased person to agree to organ donation," the Minister said.

AIIMS Director Dr MC Mishra also rued the "very low" organ donations in the country at 0.05 donations per million. He added that it was "shameful" since ours was a 1.25-billion strong country.

"Much is needed to be done in the area of organ donation. As of now, when there is a brain death, our transplant coordinators talk to the families concerned who (often) reject donation. In 2014, we (AIIMS) got 1-2 donations, which is very sad", he said.

Under the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-2017), Rs 149 crore had been allotted for setting up organ donation facilitation infrastructure. However, in the first two years only about Rs 10 crore was spent.

The function was organised at AIIMS by Dadhichi Den Dan Samiti, a social organisation. Nearly 55 families offered their Organ to donate in future.


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