Healthcare Providers Coming Together on Web-based Ecosystem

Around 15 000 healthcare providers will come together on Swarm HIE in April 2015 to serve 2 5 million consumers for creating better patient experience
Healthcare Providers Coming Together on Web-based Ecosystem

Around 15,000 healthcare providers will come together on Swarm HIE in April 2015 to serve 2.5 million consumers for creating better patient experience. 

Swarm HIE is an initiative of PALASH Healthcare, the India-based healthcare IT firm. The healthcare industry is not able to share, update and manage healthcare records due to non-availability of working Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform, creating a huge gap between industry’s vital components. To address this major flaw in the Indian healthcare industry, PALASH Healthcare has recently launched ‘Swarm HIE’.

Swarm Health Information Exchange (HIE) will allow doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other healthcare providers and patients to appropriately access and securely share a patient’s vital medical information electronically, hence improving the speed, quality, safety and cost of patient care. It offers a web-based portal ‘Consulting Connect’ that bridges the gap between individuals and healthcare providers.

Dinesh Samudra, founder and CEO, PALASH Healthcare, said, "Our objective is to create a complete ecosystem for healthcare. We have carefully studied the Indian healthcare industry before launching this web portal ‘Consulting Connect’. I am sure it will address the errors faced earlier by this industry and will be very user friendly for all the components of this ecosystem."

‘Consulting Connect’ is a single point platform of medical records for everyone. It offers different applications such as ‘Palash Practice‘ and ‘Palash Fingertips’. ‘Palash Practice’ is a web-based platform that gives an individual and group of practitioners a tool for clinical practice, whereas ‘Palash Fingertips‘ can be used to exchange and access personalised protected health records by individuals on their fingertips. All this information is shared on Swarm platform, which has a multi-layered and robust data security in place. All these applications are interlinked and being web-based, they give ease of access from anywhere in the world at any point of time.

PALASH Healthcare Systems is a company engaged in developing and delivering software solutions for healthcare provider industry. It is advancing in the direction of transforming Indian healthcare through Swarm. It also provides all software support for the Health Information Management System and Electronic Medical Records. 

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