Haryana will have literate Panchayat Representatives

Supreme Court upheld Haryana government decision regarding educational qualifications of Panchayat representatives. New law is expected to accelerate development of villages
Haryana will have literate Panchayat Representatives

Haryana Rural Development and Panchayats Minister Om Prakash Dhankar said that now after the verdict of Supreme Court, Haryana would have only educated and crime free Panchayats. Also, the development of the villages would take place at an accelerated pace.

Dhankar was talking to reporters in New Delhi on Thursday, after the decision of the Supreme Court regarding Panchayat Elections. He said that minimum educational qualification for the candidates contesting elections has been fixed. Now, general candidate must have passed class 10 examinations, whereas women and Dalit candidates are required to have cleared class 8 and class 5 respectively to contest the Panchayat polls.

The Minister said that Haryana would perhaps be the first State in country having educated Panchayats. He said that there are 29 tasks which are accomplished by the Panchayats and the village sarpanch could do works costing up to Rs. 10 lakh. For this, only educated representatives could take better decisions. Welcoming the decision of the Supreme Court, he said that this decision is in favour of the people.

Dharnkar said that the conditions fixed for the candidates of Panchayati elections would also be observed for the elections of Municipal Committees and Municipal Corporations of Local Bodies Department. He said that other states would also follow the pattern of Haryana Panchayat Election. After the decision of the Supreme Court, the State government is in favour of holding Panchayat elections at the earliest and Election Commission has also been intimated in this regard, he added.

The Minister said that as per the conditions fixed earlier for the candidates of Panchayat Elections, a sum of Rs. 122 crore was received in the first phase of the elections while filling nomination forms. Now, providing a certificate mentioning payment of electricity bills, disposing off of bank loans and having toilets at homes would be mandatory for contesting the Panchayat election.

Supreme Court of India on Thursday recently issued their verdict regarding the eligible contest for Gram Panchayat Elections in Haryana. The apex Court ruled that “it is only education which gives a human being the power to discriminate between right and wrong, good and bad.”

The law passed by the state assembly states the education qualifications set by the state government stands correct and have to be fulfilled by each contestant. Haryana government won the case as the court gave the decision in their favour.

The court states, candidate have to fulfil the educational qualification for Panchayat election. Candidate will now be judged by any pending electricity bills or loan payments. Now the new dates will be announced soon for the Panchayat elections.

Earlier Gram Panchayat Elections ware to be held in three phases i.e., on October 4, 11 and 18 this year, which will be now rescheduled. Earlier, the court warned the Haryana government to wait for the decision or postponed the election till the final notice gets released.

More than 72,000 posts of Panchayat members, Panchayat samitis and Zila parishads will be up for vote. 

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