HARSAC Boon To Farmers

Haryana Space Application Centre (HARSAC) has come out as a boon to farmers of the state. It is engaged in making life of farmers easy through agriculture, soils, forests, land use, environment, water resources, fertilizer and geographic informati
HARSAC Boon To Farmers

It’s a story that had actually commenced a little less than three decades ago. But along its journey, it has picked up strength amply exemplifying how new technological applications can be harnessed to make a difference to the development planning process. Haryana Space Application Centre (HARSAC) which was set up in 1986 in Hisar has emerged as a model unit in the domain of Remote Sensing and GIS applications clearly underlining the practical implications of these techniques which are beneficial in many ways.

The centre was formed under the Department of Science& Technology, Government of Haryana and the  main objective  was  to undertake, promote, guide, coordinate and aid research and development in the field of remote sensing and also to carry out surveys for monitoring and assessment of the entire gamut of natural resources.  These techniques prove helpful in making the maps ready and extracting more accurate data base pertaining to  natural resources, environment, infrastructure and town for anykind of  development  planning process. The lack of data is often believed to be a major stumbling block in planning projects and herein this centre is proving its efficacy by furnishing new and right data in a digital form, thanks to Geo-Informatics applications which helps in pragmatic planning of projects.

In this centre, a team of national and international skilled scientists are engaged consistently in undertaking research related with  agriculture, soils, forests, land use, environment, water resources, fertilizer resources, town planning and geographic information system applications. This centre is technically  supported by Department of Space, Govt of India.

From Haryana government’s standpoint, HARSAC is a nodal agency  working in the area of remote sensing, geographic information system application and global positioning system related work and it is also entrusted with the responsibility of acquiringm remote sensing data for different departments  of the state.

HARSAC has all facilities, equipments, hardware and software available for digital image processing, geo informatics service(GIS) and GPS survey. Apart from this, HARSAC has a huge satellite database from various Indian and International missions for use in resource mapping of Haryana state.

The report card of  HARSAC is quite impressive.  After its establishment, HARSAC has completed more than 125 projects related to natural resources, environment, management of the structure and land resources mapping and currently 25 projects are on going. These projects belong to various divisions and agencies of Haryana and the Union  government.

In terms of near to medium run scenario, HARSAC will be undertaking several prestigious projects including modernisation of the land records of Haryana under the Indian governments national land record modernisation programme(NLRMP).

Apart from this, HARSAC is also in the process of putting in place one Haryana Space Data Infrastructure – an ambitious project aimed to provide the auto space data and  mapping for the development and inspection of the developmental projects related to various divisions of the state government.

Another distinctive element of HARSAC’s functioning is its engagement with well defined training programmes. Apart from conducting  training and capability programmes for the high school and college students,  the centre in association with GJU S & T Hisar has also started a course in M.Tech (Gio Informatics).

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