Grassroot Innovations In Karnataka

Often we find it unprecedented when we find ordinary people do extraordinary things. Girish Badragond is one extraordinary person who has done grassroot innovation and has solved the problems of rural people through his unique innovations, writes Samiksha Jain
Grassroot Innovations In Karnataka

Innovators in India’s hinterland have proved that ordinary people are indeed capable of extraordinary things. Despite lack of education and minimal financial assistance, rural inventors’ are capable of using technology effectively to bring out innovative products. One such fine example is Girish Badragond from a small village in Karnataka.

His innovations have solved the problems of many farmers in his home state. He has achieved these without any formal education. He was only 28 years old when he moved to Bangalore from Bijapur district in Karnataka i­n 2006 with a laptop, a wireless router and a one-way bus fare. Today, after eight years, he is already a partner at Santepp Systems, a fast growing agri-technology firm based in Bangalore. Some of his prominent innovations include Bore Well Scanners, Advanced Mode Micro Irrigation System, Bird Repeller and Solar Mini Inverters, to name a few.

When asked about his first experience, he said, "Ever since I was a child, I fancied playing with machines. My first experience with a machine was when I dismantled my cousin’s watch and reassembled it."Owing to his installed innovation, electricity in Santepp Systems is sensor-regulated. "This has reduced around 60 percent of power consumption," explained Girish.

With the support of NABARD, NIF and Santepp Systems, he was able to provide simple innovative solutions to various agricultural needs. Underscoring the significance of his contribution, we have decided to highlight some of the innovations he has done far.

Bird Repeller

Birds often damage crops. Girish has found out a harmless solution to this problem. Bird Repeller is a machine equipped with eight speakers and a timer. It repels birds through various noises. Noise of the repeller doesn’t trouble the villagers as farms often are away from the villages. The best part of the repeller is that its battery last upto three days.

Terrace Garden Water Management

Apart from the rural innovations, Girish has made the life of urban people easy with his Terrace Garden Water Management machine. It is a device which can be timed, and can water your garden in your absence. The best part is that it comes at an affordable price.

Solar Mini Inverter

Electricity is a major concern in rural areas. By developing Solar Mini Inverters for rural people he has brought light to their lives. His affordable mini inverters are eco-friendly, and are powered with 12 v battery which can easily be charged with a wall socket of a solar cell. It is efficient to serve two CFL bulbs for one entire day.

Micro Irrigation System

It is usually perceived that to irrigate lands one has to be present there physically. But with the help of Advanced Mode Micro Irrigation system, one needs not be present there. The innovation allows a farmer to operate pump sets and irrigation valves from a remote place. It is an intelligent system capable of regulating the flow of water.

Advanced Mode Bore Well Scanner

Exploring underground water has never been easy. But Bore Well Scanner has simplified the task. The scanner comes with a camera with flash, and it can rotate at 180 degree in horizontal space. It can efficiently click pictures and check the outflow and inflow of water. It is also efficient enough to check leakages and holes. "It also checks whether a bore well has stagnant water. There is no point digging a bore well when there is no proper inflow of water,"Girish elaborated.

Girish has set an example for many people. His innovations relay the message that a formal education is not a precondition to achieve something substantial in life. It will be correct to conclude that each and every village of India is blessed with talented innovators. The important thing is to create an environment where these bright minds can be nurtured and let them shine. Such innovators, the real heroes, not only make our lives easier but also help build a strong foundation for growth in rural India.

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