Govt To Enhance Rural Sanitation

Government is planning to make considerable enhancement of monetary support for developing sanitation infrastructure in rural India.

Govt To Enhance Rural Sanitation

Construction of sanitation infrastructure in rural areas will be delinked from MGNREGA. Union Minister for Rural Development Nitin Gadkari said that the amount for individual household will be raised from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000, for school sanitary complexes Rs 54,000 will be given instead of Rs 35,000. Similarly, for Anganwadi, the amount will be now Rs 20,000 in place of Rs 8,000 and for Community sanitary complexes, the amount proposed is Rs 6 lakh from the existing Rs 2 lakh.
Union Ministry for Rural Development and Drinking Water and Sanitation has prepared a Cabinet note for approval on the instructions of Gadkari. He called for fast decisions and sought support of all sections of society to achieve the goal of open defecation free India in the next four and half years and urged the State Ministers and Senior officials to work in the spirit of cooperative federalism to achieve the dream project to build Swachh Bharat in 5 years.

Gadkari underlined the need for quality works and suitable low cost effective technologies for toilets to last upto thirty to forty years. To address the problem of drinking water, especially in those 17,000 habitations having problems like arsenic, excessive fluoride, heavy metals and other pollutants, the minister said that a new scheme will be launched in the next two months to address this issue and it will be resolved on a war footing level.


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