Govt calls for more investment in family farming

On the eve of World Food Day which is also the foundation day of FAO Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh calls for more investment and affordable credit for family farming
Govt calls for more investment in family farming

Indian Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh has called for more investment in family farms to channelise affordable credit and sustainability, especially to combat impact of climate change. In his message, on the eve of World Food Day, the minister said that family farming is inextricably linked to ensuring national and global food security and is the pre-dominant form of agriculture in both developed and developing countries.

Underlining the importance of family farmers in the growth of agriculture, Singh said that family farmers, despite limited access to productive resources, efficiently manage their agriculture and record high productivity. Family farmers have not only preserved traditional food products but have also contributed to produce a balanced diet and safeguard the world’s agro-biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources. India has consistently supported small farm holders which have played a very dominant role in steady growth of agriculture.

He said that almost 200 million hectares of gross cropped area is cultivated by small farm holders to help the country in achieving macro food security. In order to realise the full potential of family farmers in eradicating hunger and malnutrition and ensuring food security, the Government has put in place an extensive research system involving national and state level institutions beside agriculture universities.

The minister has said that on the World food Day all of us should resolve to strengthen family farmers keeping in view their contribution to Indian agriculture and to ensure food security.

Every year 16th October is observed as World Food Day to mark the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO).

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