Government to push Public Private Partnerships in Healthcare

Addressing CII Health Conference, the Union Minister Dr Jitender Singh said that today Public Private Partnerships are no longer an option or a privilege but in fact a necessity

Government to push Public Private Partnerships in Healthcare

Calling for establishing a “Make in India” module for healthcare sector, the Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said that this module can be based on public-private partnership as well as multi-sector healthcare collaboration to meet the changing health needs of 21st century India.

Addressing a Health Conference organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in New Delhi today, he emphasized that PPPs are no longer an option or a privilege but a necessity. The predicament that requires balancing is that today in India urban patients are getting over treated and rural patients remain under treated.
He said that the Indian society, as a whole, is fast evolving and at the same time, in recent years, India too has become a part of shrunken global world and this phenomenon is impacting every sphere of life including the healthcare system. While on the one hand, disorders like Diabetes and heart disease, which were hitherto confined to urban population, are now also on the rise in rural areas, on the other hand, the access to modern modalities of treatment is confined only to cities and big towns, as a result of which 70 percent of rural population gets access only to 1/3rd of country’s hospitalization facilities and over 600 million people in the country are deprived of access to affordable healthcare, Dr Singh added.

Describing the emergence of private sector as an inevitable phenomenon, Dr Singh stressed that for a heterogeneous country like India, public sector healthcare was still very much relevant and therefore, called for a healthy synergism between public sector and private sector healthcare agencies.

Dr Jitender Singh proposed a high level discussion with the Prime Minister, Health Minister and the private sector led by Dr Naresh Trehan to present innovative models for effective public private participation and partnership.
CII recently led the first closed door discussions and subsequent submissions to NITI AAYOG on PPPs in offering comprehensive care packages in District Hospitals in 3 identified NCDs – Pulmonology, Oncology and Cardiology.
As part of this NITI AAYOG and MoH&FW have announced model contracts to increase the role of private hospitals in treating NCDs in urban India. The Model Contract allows private hospitals to bid for 30-year leases over parts of district hospital buildings and land to set up 50- or 100-bed hospitals in towns other than India’s eight largest metropolises.
“The Time is ripe for the Healthcare Sector to forge strong and lasting partnerships with the Government towards achieving targets for Health for All. There is great need for the Government and the Industry to find common platforms and engage in dialogue to achieve this huge task,” said Dr Naresh Trehan, Chairman, CII Healthcare Council & Chairman & Managing Director, Medanta – Medicity.
“The scope and meaning of Public Private Partnerships must be expanded against the current public health landscape of the country – partnerships that bring together strengths of each partner to what best they can deliver and not infact merely a contract of convenience between public and private stakeholders who may have ideological disagreements must be advocated widely”, said Prof Srinath Reddy, Chairman, CII Committee on Public Health & President, PHFI.

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