Government to launch irrigation schemes for better farmlands

National Skill Development Corporation and leading corporates have invested in providing skill programmes for young people.
Government to launch irrigation schemes for better farmlands

With the advancement of science and technology touching sky high and making human lives comfortable, yet the traditional way in agriculture have not changed in many parts in India.Farmers still worship Lord ‘Varun’ and keep the faith intact. The skies don’t turn as their wish and results in heavy loss.

These rains irrigate over half of the country’s farms recorded a deficit of 14 per cent of the average this year, against last year’s 12 per cent. The less-than-normal rainfall has put the rural economy under further strain.

To bring relief to the farmers improvements in the manufacturing activity requires all-round effort from various stakeholders such as policymakers, corporates and the youth.Skill development is important not only from technical aspects but also to embrace transition from agricultural to industrial environment. Employment in manufacturing/service industry entails a very different work environment, lifestyle and requires a change in mindsets.

India Inc and the Government need to invest in developing such skills for rural households. A beginning has been made through the National Skill Development Corporation and leading corporates have invested in skilling young people.The Government must be commended for launching Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana, an irrigation scheme to ensure that all farmlands get water for cultivation, and for allocating about Rs50,000 crore towards this project. This single move has the potential to boost agricultural productivity and shield output from unpredictable weather.

While several industries have benefited in the past from increasing rural prosperity, they are also impacted by its slowdown. This has a domino effect on corporate profitability, employment and emoluments of individuals. This is why we, as a nation, need to stop looking at the skies and reduce our dependence on rains.

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