Government plans off-grid power generation in villages

Union Power, Coal and Renewable Energy Minister Piyush Goyal says his ministry is developing framework for repowering wind farms and would encourage people to go off grid
Government plans off-grid power generation in villages

With a view to ensure better capacity utilisation of wind energy projects, union power ministry is developing a framework for repowering wind farms from 200-300 watt units to 2-5 mega watt that are available in the market, minister for power, coal, and new and renewable energy, Piyush Goyal said.

“I am looking at ways to get repowering done, I know the challenges of new wind sights or getting land, we are trying to get squatters out of the land which they are squatting on but not implementing projects and we are talking to states to create a more robust framework,” he said, while addressing an industry interactive session on renewable energy sector organised by Assocham on Thursday night.

He also informed that the government plans to use off-grid power generation in certain villages.

“We are creating a framework that whenever the grid reaches there, the off grid guy can supply that power like net metering into the grid, so we are creating that framework to encourage people to go off grid,” said Goyal.

Talking about the discom resolution, he said, “We are not only ceased of it but we are working relentlessly on a daily basis to fine tune and refine our proposals on that without giving any subsidy again or any grant/additional money (to the states).”

Goyal also said it is imperative to make the renewable energy sector self-sufficient and self-reliant by cutting back on subsidies. “Subsidy for the renewable energy sector is a sensitive issue, ideally now time has come we should move out of the subsidy,” he added.

The Minister also said that government plans to bring down the cost of each LED bulb to Rs 44 from a level of Rs 74 through competitive bidding.

Inaugurating the National workshop on Lab Infrastructure for Testing, Standardization, Certification and Inspection for Renewable Energy Deployment Programme, the Minister stated that the Biogas needs to be given more attention to make it a well-organized industry. Improved biomass cook stoves should be promoted for clean cooking solutions, thereby addressing both fuel saving and health hazards concerns of rural women and children.

The workshop was organized in view of the government’s ambitious programme of 175 GW Renewable Energy Deployment Programme.

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