Godrej takes up immunization challenge

Godrej medical refrigerators with revolutionary Sure Chill technology aims to save millions of lives in rural areas through effective cold chain management in immunization programs
Godrej takes up immunization challenge

Immunization is one of the most basic and effective health interventions. Unfortunately, one in five children is still deprived of these basic defenses for the most prevalent diseases, particularly in developing countries.Large populations especially in rural areas and fragile infrastructures make these children difficult to reach. Many developing countries have inadequate ‘cold chains’ – which means that optimal temperature control mechanisms for the transport, storage and handling of vaccines are not in place.

According to a research estimate, approximately 151 million vaccines, equivalent to approximately$750 million, are lost annually due to improper refrigeration in developing countries.

Godrej Appliances, one of the leading players in the Home Appliances industry,in partnership with The UK based The Sure Chill Company, has launched the ‘Godrej medical refrigerators with Sure Chill technology’. These specialised medical refrigerators have been designed especially to address a key need of providing precise cooling for preserving vaccines used worldwide in immunization programs and for the storage of blood in blood banks. Sure Chill’s revolutionary technology helps maintain the optimum temperature range of 2-8degrees- a must for vaccine preservation and blood storage, even in the case of power outagesfor as long as 8-12 days in ambient temperatures of 43ËšC, thereby making it a perfect fit for the global immunisation needs. The technology can help save millions of lives across the globe.

Godrej, making its first foray into the healthcare space, has signed a technology transfer agreement with The Sure Chill Company Ltd. (UK) to develop &manufacture these refrigerators for sale in India and neighboring markets covering SAARC and MENA countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, UAE among others.

Commenting on the launch, Jamshyd Godrej,Managing Director and Chairman, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Ltd said, “Godrej is committedtowards improving quality of life in society. Disease eradication through immunization is fundamental to improving quality of life.Depth of coverage and sustenance of immunization programsis key to ward off spread of diseases.”

“Our partnership with the Sure ChillCompanybrings together Godrej’s decades of expertise in refrigeration technology and Sure Chill’s in-depth technical expertise in medical refrigeration, to create a revolutionary product that will help governments across the world in their immunization efforts to save millions of lives,” he added.

Peter Saunders, Chairman, The Sure Chill Company, said, “There can be no greater motivation. Traditional cooling technologies simply don’t protect vaccines. They fail when power is lost or often expose vaccines to freezing temperatures when power is available. Resulting in damaged vaccines and compromised immunization programmes around the world.”

Kamal Nandi, Business Head, Godrej Appliances, added, " Leveraging our core capabilities in the cooling space and our deep understanding of Indian conditions, we have been able to increase the holdover time of the vaccine refrigerators by 30 percent. We have introduced built in voltage stabilizer and spike guard to take care of voltage fluctuations common to developing countries and also ensured superior performance of the vaccine refrigerator by building in an early intelligent warning system.”

“Our 57 years of existence in the cooling industry coupled with extensive service network in the country positions us to deliver quick and reliable service to this critical healthcare business," he added.

Godrej Sure Chill will be available in two model variants, 100 liters and 50 liters. These medical refrigerators meet strict specifications laid down by WHO and are listed as PQS prequalified(Performance, Quality and Safety standards) products on its website.

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