Fueladream to fund 100 Water Wheels to improve rural lives

The Water Wheel is a simple innovation that makes accessing and transporting water in rural India, easier and more efficient
Fueladream to fund 100 Water Wheels to improve rural lives

Women in rural India are often forced to walk miles for water, which they then carry in buckets over long distances. This cumbersome process is not only time-consuming but also physically exhausting. One simple innovation aims to change this: The Water Wheel – It is a large, round, water drum fitted with handles so that it can rolled on the ground. The wheel can store up to 45 litres of water and is extremely easy to transport from place to place. It has a wide mouth to facilitate easy.

Habitat For Humanity India is now raising funds to distribute these water wheels to 100 women in drought hit Marathwada. They are raising Rs 3.3 lakh on a crowdfunding platform, Fueladream to fund 100 Water Wheels to improve the lives of 100 women in the drought hit town of Ghansargaon (Near Latur) in Maharashtra.

This daily chore of bringing water, which could mean 4-6 trips a day, is typically slotted as the ‘girl’s job’, and keeps them away from an education. The Water Wheel makes it a ‘shared’ load – that anyone in the family can easily do – even boys & men is a crowd funding marketplace for people & organizations that aim to raise funds for creative ideas, causes, charities etc. Founded in Mid-2015 and based in Bangalore, the start-up aims to impact 2.2 billion people in India, Africa & S.E Asia. Fuel A Dream has raised $ 250,000 in an initial round of funding over the last 12 months from a clutch of individual investors from the corporate world. is the brainchild of Ranganath Thota. His team is focused on transforming how people raise and contribute money for ideas, social causes and other activities. connects the campaign owners (people who want to raise money) to funders in a very productive and engaging way.

The Campaign owners who have an innovative idea or a social cause at heart and who want to raise money for them can showcase their stories and get funders (both individuals and corporates) to support them on this platform. “The company believes in creating a community of people who understand the power of giving and the impact they can make through this. Whether funding an idea that may enable blind people identify currency notes or getting an electric bike that will change how we commute to work or funding a fashion show by a talented young designer or helping a charity that takes care of orphans or raising a helping hand to aid victims of a flood– there are many a dream that need to be fuelled,” the campaigners said.

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