Four Innovators From India s Rural

It is inevitable to conclude that development does not flourish where it is awash with guns, its people caught up in armed conflict for generations. However, it would be wrong to write off exceptions. The place is the Indian border state of Manipur. The exceptions are innovators from the state. National Innovative Foundation (NIF) called them 'grassroots innovators'.
Four Innovators From India s Rural











 Reed Mat Weaving Machine

Yenkhom Shyamchandra is responsible for his late father’s legacy who had developed the innovation. The traditional method for weaving reed mats is labour-intensive, requiring the weaver to work in a squatting position for long.

Fish Dryer

Traditional sun-drying of fish is a time consuming process. Maibam Deben, a blacksmith by profession, has developed a closed vessel that dries fish uniformly in significantly lower time.

Double Shuttle Loom

As his wife is involved in weaving clothes, Ngangom Nabakumar noticed the problems in traditional shuttle looms. He decided to improvise it to enhance productivity and reduce labour.

Solar silk-reeling-cum-spinning machine

M.Manihar Sharma has innovated automatic pump operator machine, incense stick making machine, to name a few. His recent innovation is solar silk-reeling-cum-spinning machine.


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The Changing Face of Rural India