For your Kitchen s sake

All households are comfortable with gas stoves for quick cooking, but fire hazards due to flammable liquified petroleum gas are little understood by users. Naturally, numerous fatalities occur every year due to fires from open gas stove valves and le
For your Kitchen s sake

Concerned by it, Shaikh Mohammad Ishfaq developed a simple mechanism to lock the regulator while putting off the burner knob. Thereby leakages, if any, do not cause significant damage.

Four years back, this Innovator read a news in the local newspaper that a woman with her two small children got burnt in a domestic gas fire incident. This news made him sad, and he dwelled upon the ways and means to stop such incidents, and prevent loss of innocent lives. He tracked all such cases and found that the primary reason is that of human neglect. A small neglect or omission can convert into a horrible incident with devastating outcome.

This analysis and revelation inspired Ishfaq to do something to save lives, and he started thinking to make the system which doesn’t need human influence to operate the regulator knob, i.e. automatic system. There were many problems one has to face to make an automatic regulator shut off. Firstly, it should be mechanical. Secondly, it should be small and fit on all existing and new stoves. “National Innovation Foundation funded and encouraged me for this innovation. Brigadier Pogula Ganesham and his engineer’s suggested many  developments. I think, as an human being, my invention provides a small benefit to the society,” he  added.

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