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Finolex Industries Extending Support to Rural Maharashtra

Finolex Industries Ltd has recently been recognized as Water Company of the year and bagged the National CSR Leadership Award
Finolex Industries Extending Support to Rural Maharashtra

India’s largest PVC pipes and fittings manufacturer Finolex Industries Ltd is extending excellent support to the rural villages of Maharashtra through their different Water Schemes. The company was recently awarded the Water Company of the Year by The National CSR Leadership Congress & Awards. Finolex executes all its CSR projects through the company’s CSR partner Mukul Madhav Foundation. Ashutosh Mulye, CSR Coordinator, Finolex Industries Ltd. received the award on behalf of the company.

The successful implementation of the water schemes has contributed in improving the health and hygiene habits of thousands of beneficiaries, resulted in a rise in the agricultural output, thereby an increased income and economic condition. These projects have assisted in preservation and reforestation of the water resources.

The region of Ratnagiri district receives above average waterfall every year, yet; because of the terrain and location, is plagued with drinking and household water issues. Work was required to harness the existing resources present and to create means to address this problem. FIL paid immediate attention to this rising problem and set up a supply of clean water to villages from a nearby lake, through tankers, each with a capacity of 10,000 litres especially during the summer months of April and May.

Water Filtration Units were also installed to filter brackish water at the Bhatye village well which benefitted about 1700 persons from 250 households. 15 lac litres of water are distributed each year to villages of Bhatye and Phansop through this set-up. As a sustainable measure, the company started implementing water schemes one by one, in the identified habitats, with the help of Gram Panchayats of the respective villages. So far, the company has completed 20 community water schemes at 20 locations, from 5 Gram Panchayats, amounting about INR 10 million and touching almost 18,000 lives from about 3700 households on an annual basis by providing them an easier and cleaner source of drinking water.

“Working in and around the villages of Ratnagiri, we saw a crying need for access to clean potable water. The villagers spent hours travelling to nearby water sources instead of being at work which was causing a decline in their household income and even taking a toll on their health. This realisation led to the water schemes initiative by Finolex Industries Ltd. and Mukul Madhav Foundation in the rural regions of Maharashtra“, said Ritu Chhabria, Director, Finolex Industries Ltd. and Managing Trustee, Mukul Madhav Foundation

Since 2007, Finolex Industries Limited has spent approximately Rs. 1 crore 20 lacs on these schemes till date. The Director said that the company will continue to support these villages and might also take up additional projects in the area of water management and water harvesting.

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