FarmERP expands to cater to emerging Agritech sector

FarmERP, the brainchild of Shivrai Technologies, strives to make its services and platform as a whole extremely comprehensive for stakeholders across the agricultural value chain
FarmERP expands to cater to emerging Agritech sector
FarmERP expands to cater to the emerging Agritech sector

In today’s digital era, the field of Agritech has been trying to streamline a somewhat disorganised industry by emphasising predictability and formulaic working methods. Marking the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, farm management is the next big thing, and technology is being interleaved with routine agronomic operations in a fairly aggressive manner across the world. FarmERP, the brainchild of Shivrai Technologies, strives to make its services and platform as a whole extremely comprehensive for stakeholders across the agricultural value chain.

The business has expanded its products to a wide range of nations, making a difference both locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. At the end of 2019, they secured their first round of external funding. Since then, they have expanded to a large number of countries, where this globally tested digital agricultural technology has been installed. Today, they are engaging with several national and international research programmes, as well as policy-making organisations, to achieve their core goal of making the business more lucrative and predictable.
Further to their first round of external funding, the company committed to improving the product with a variety of comprehensive and innovative features, such as mapping all farm operations, QR code-based access control across business processes, the implementation of an agriculture-focused accounting and costing module, hydroponic packs, Internet of Things (IoT) device integrations, and so on. They have also established relationships with well-known farmer producer organisations (FPOs) and companies (FPCs), intending to directly empower farmers through their technological platform.

FarmERP is well recognised for its ‘Uberization of Agriculture for Smallholder Vegetable Growers’ initiative, which has made a significant contribution to Indian agriculture. The Uberization initiative sought to make smallholder farmers’ farming journeys more consistent and to enhance their everyday routines. This expedition has received several honours as well as worldwide attention. In regions like Africa, Ecuador, and Bangladesh, FarmERP is collaborating with international financing and research organisations to assist uberize smallholder producers in those regions.
The company prioritises the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision to provide an increasingly enhanced service to its consumers. They have also acquired a breakthrough in climate-smart advisory and pest and disease identification owing to their excellent use of these technological verticals integrated with satellite images. Due to the present condition of the globe, with climate change affecting every area of life and sustainability gaining traction daily, this innovation is a game-changer for FarmERP’s consumers and only contributes to their vision of a predictable and lucrative future in agriculture.
Large agribusinesses, medium to large size plantations, packaging and exporters, and contract farming companies around the world are increasingly seeing the brand as a necessity in their daily agronomic and post-harvest practices, having recently expanded into geographic regions such as Sri Lanka, France, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Sudan, Indonesia, and several others. With plantation management gaining traction, the brand embarked on a joint venture with Sri Lanka’s largest (about 35,000 acres) rubber, tea, and oil palm plantation in January 2020, and is dedicated to seeing the project through to the end. FarmERP embodies the evolving face of digital agricultural solutions, with leading companies in the agriculture sector interlaced with technology. This cutting-edge digital platform is an internationally recognised, future-ready solution for managing and analysing agricultural operations.
FarmERP recently developed specialised and customised ‘packs’ for its consumers, based on their sub-verticals and company processes. These SaaS-based packs are tailored for various stakeholders in the agriculture business and may be customised to meet the needs of the clients.
FarmERP is catapulting into a whole new era of agricultural technology services, as it is now installed in 30+ countries and scaling up with the development of its offices in various areas of the world. The founders and core team are eager to expand their workforce with seasoned experts that can bring exponential value to the system as their knowledge and experience grows. With global digital agriculture developing at a breakneck pace, they are looking forward to strengthening the leadership team and aggressively gaining market share.

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