Excavating For Rural Employment

Bundelkhand, known for granite stone mining, and now a possible reserve of other precious mineral resources, provides a great employment opportunity to the rural and backward people of the region. Dharmendra Sahu reports.
Excavating For Rural Employment

Bundelkhand is commonly known as a region of plateaus and dry land. The stories of unemployment and migration of the people of this region often comes on television and newspapers. Bundelkhand has also been a hot political issue. Despite everything else, this plateau region is also a source of the precious Granite stone of Jhansi division. People of this area usually depend on agriculture. And that too when the rainfall is good. Otherwise, the region faces serious drought. But hidden under the rocks are the invaluable which is of great demand in the international market. Recent research has suggested that precious metals like Platinum and Gold are also hidden in the land of Lalitpur district. Lalitpur is the most backward district mineral resources.

The Granite of this region is becoming popular in the country as well as abroad. The specialty of these red and green coloured Granite stones is its strength which is many times more than the common marvel stone. Apart from it, these stones shines better with just little polishing.

Similarly, the Sandstone of this region is of great strength. And this is the reason why these Sandstones are used in place of RCC for roofing the low cost houses of Bundelkhand as this comes within the budget of low income group people.

Granite is known for its shine and quality. It is used for making attractive tiles. People use Granite on the walls, bathroom and floors of their houses. The red and green Granite of Lalitpur can also be found on the walls of the railway stations of north India.

At Lalitpur, many companies are engaged in carving Granite and the local labourers are getting employment in priority. According to Bhammi Kaushal, Mineral Resource Officer of Lalitpur district, reserves of invaluable mineral resources have been found in Lalitpur which is internationally known for its Granite. Precious mineral resources like Granite, Sandstone, Paroflight and Diaspor are available in large quantity in this area.

Among these, Granite stone is primarily supplied to the different parts of the country. It is also being exported to Australia and Italy in large quantity.

Presence of Platinum, Copper, and Gold reserves have also been confirmed in the Ikona village of Madawara block of Lalitpur. Minerals like Paroflight and Diaspor are excavated from Bijri, Dhankuan, Melar, Todi and Kakrari villages of this district. Similarly, mines of Slavestone are present in large quantity in Rampura, Hardari, Kapasi, Dudhai and Madanpur villages.

According to a recent research done by a company, Mesktek of Canada, there are signs of presence of yellow metal, in many regions of Lalitpur. The company is working towards this at large scale and positive results are expected very soon. And once this happens, Bundelkhand will no longer be known for its stone but for Gold. One unit of Mesktek is still carrying on with the research work in this area.

Lalitpur is already well-known for its Granite stone, and in the days to come, when more companies will get involved in this project, the employment opportunities will increase greatly.

Diamond found in Panna district of Bundelkhand of Madhya Pradesh region is known world over. For now, Lalitpur district is also included in the list of areas of precious stones.

Many companies are working for the excavation of these stones. Around a dozen of companies have established their units for carving these stone which employs more than 5 thousand labours. Now, some foreign companies have also applied for establishing their plants so that better carving of stones can be done at cheaper rates.

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