Escorts Launches New Series Of Tractors In Bangladesh

Farmtrac is positioned in the high-end premium category and Powertrac is placed in the mid-size segment
Escorts Launches New Series Of Tractors In Bangladesh

Tractor manufacturer Escorts has launched its two new series of tractors in Bangladesh, the most powerful offerings in their respective categories. While the new FARMTRAC 6060 – Heritage series in 60HP segment is positioned in the high-end premium tractor category, the new POWERTRAC Diesel-Saver Plus 4455 Euro series is available in 55 HP range. It is placed in the mid-size, popular segment.

Rajesh Kumar, Chief International Business, Escorts Agri Machinery, said, "Bangladesh is a huge potential market for us. With the launch of these powerful and fuel efficient tractor range, Escorts plans to establish itself as the segment leader. We find huge appetite for above 50 HP tractors here, with the market for this segment today making for 1/3rd of the total tractor industry in Bangladesh. Our newest offerings are aimed at driving a revolution in this emerging higher HP segment. Just like other countries in Asia and beyond, we are confident of getting a positive response from Bangladesh market as well."

Sanjay Kapote, Chief Strategy – International Business, Escorts Agri Machinery, said, "Escorts has launched Farmtrac Heritage series in Europe at the last Hannover show with huge success. We now seek to bring the same world class products to SAARC countries. With this latest endeavor in Bangladesh today, Escorts will sure revolutionize the customer mindset towards demanding a superior, better performing, premium featured product at most competitive price. Escorts is all prepared for becoming the most dominant player in tractor market of Bangladesh."

Abdul Matlub Ahmad,Chairman, Nitol Motors, said, "We are very happy today in bringing the Farmtrac Heritage Series and Powertrac DS-PLUS Euro Series of tractors to the doorsteps of Bangladesh farmer. I am confident that these tractors with European style and comfort will enable our farmers to work more and earn more at ease. Nitol Motors has been a proud partner of Escorts Ltd., the brand synonymous with trust and reliability across countries. Together with Escorts, Nitol will continue to offer technologically advanced products that bring prosperity to the Bangladesh farmers."

Escorts is an established industry player in the Bangladesh market and has been pioneering technology in the region. Together with its partner Nitol Motors Ltd, Escorts is focused in bringing the best in the world product and services to Bangladesh tractor users.

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