Enabling technologies in agriculture empowering farmers Suri

Agriculture use nearly 70 percent of water.E-agriculture creating ways to make agricultural farmers fed the nation.
Enabling technologies in agriculture empowering farmers Suri

To understand how to feed the nation, where in coming times the population is to multiply and touch nearly 9 billion, a few scholars and experts talked about the key factors on e-agriculture and agri tech, ‘Enabling technologies in agriculture, empowering farmers’.

Sachin Suri, MD, Crop Data Private Ltd. Shared a complete report on rural situation in India. “Only 5 to 10 percent of agricultural fields is what are seen from the highway.Rest many are difficult to commute,” highlights Suri.

“We intend to come up with an app/ technology where farmers can share their problem and virally it can be share with rest of them,” said Suri.

Suri emphasied that farmers needed to be knowledgeable about the farms about the farm fertility , the pros and cons.On the otherhand provide more data through a digitilised form, making farmers aware about their farms and banks for credit profiling of farmers.

Harjinder Singh Kohli, Vice President Airtel spoke about how telecom companies laying their land forward by introducing technology usage for the farmers. “In 2008 IFFCO and Airtel joined hands and started working for farmers and introduced subsidies hand-sets for farmers.Many features along with free sms scheme,” says Kohli. More tha 30 lakhs users have been the parts of the projects.

The technology has groomed in such a way that farmers been situated far off from their farms can control their irrigation supply switch, simply by sending an sms, highlights Kohli.

Concerns have come up for near future where agricultural properties have to be preserved.”India is stated to be the largest consumer of food as well as largest producer,” highlights Subrata Kumar Mitra, Director, Huawei. “If a day come where agriculture production starts failing, then no country will be able to fed our country,” says Mitra.Agriculture use nearly 70 percent of water.Challenges are huge.Technology happens to be the best medium to educate and help farmers to produce crop more effectively, further says Mitra.

In the event held by ASSOCHAM, Minister of state for finance, Jayant Sinha talked about out corporate tax exemptions announced by the government is aimed at simplifying and streamlining exemptions and bring down tax rates,

“Ultimately the goal is to make this revenue neutral so that we do not suffer in terms of our revenue collection, but ultimately we think this is going to help businesses because they will have a much simpler tax code and that will result in heightened economic activity,” said Sinha

The minister further said that Seventh Pay Commission’s recommendation of a hike in pay and allowances will not impact the government’s fiscal deficit targets. 

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