EdIndia rolls-out post-COVID teaching package for Uttarakhand primary schools

EdIndia has collaborated with Uttarakhand for state-wide teacher capacity building on digital pedagogy

EdIndia rolls-out post-COVID teaching package for Uttarakhand primary schools

In order to address the teaching-learning challenges in post-COVID classrooms, EdIndia, the CSR arm of Sterlite Power, has collaborated with Uttarakhand Education Department. EdIndia launched a state level online orientation session for over 28,000 primary teachers of the state recently.

Dr. Mukul Sati, Additional Project Director, Universal Education, Uttarakhand, and Seema Jaunsaari, Director – State Council of Educational Research & Training, Uttarakhand formally launched the post-COVID Teaching package in the session, while addressing the participants online. As many as 4,000 primary school teachers from the state, joined the online session.

When schools re-open, teaching would be a challenging task due to students’ learning loss which has happened during long academic break. This Post-COVID Package will help the primary teachers of the state to address the academic and emotional needs of the students, in post-COVID classrooms.

The package provides carefully designed teaching plans and resources for teachers, in context of post-COVID situations. This will help teachers to build platform for teaching new competencies by re-strengthening the previously learned areas and connecting them with the new ones. This content will be delivered in series of courses and activity booklets.

The efforts of EdIndia Foundation in developing this innovative and much-needed initiative around post-COVID package was widely appreciated by the state officials. With this collaboration, EdIndia is now in partnership with four state governments and has been successfully creating a niche in the EdTech sector.

EdIndia Foundation, an EdTech, non-profit supported by Sterlite Power, leverages EdTech to impact education at scale. EdIndia works with field offices in Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

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