E-content route to boost innovation

The e-contents to inspire students to think differently and also expand their outlook
E-content route to boost innovation

Odisha State Innovation Council has decided to prepare e-content for schoolchildren, to promote innovation among the youth .

An expert committee comprising members from IT companies such as Infosys, TCS and IIT-Bhubaneswar, along with other experts, will be formed to provide e-support and create educational material for students.

"The prime objective of the State Innovative Council is fostering innovation, harnessing creative potential in the state and promoting a scenario conducive for innovation in various sectors, including education. The expert committee will help develop the contents, which will help students for innovative and groundbreaking thinking and also provide required inputs," said school and mass education secretary Usha Padhee.

With financial assistance from the State Innovation Council, RMSA has been working on developing innovative programmes and projects in education to encourage scientific and technological talent in collaboration with the private sector.

There are many talented children in the rural areas but due to lack of proper facilities, input and guidance many of them remain unnoticed. The e-contents to be developed would inspire students to think differently and would also expand their outlook," said a senior officer in the school and mass education department.

Chairman of the Odisha State Innovative Council and chief secretary G C Pati had asked all departments to strengthen technological drives, ensure maintenance of equipment and develop and start own websites for interface with the public and cloud sourcing system. The council will act as an umbrella advisory board to boost the performance and efficiency in every sector.

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