Driving demand of digital literacy in rural population

Rural population getting into digital literacy through Common Service Center CSC in village Sarsinwa
Driving demand of digital literacy in rural population

Rural population of Bilaigarh block of Chhattisgarh is getting digitally empowered under National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) conducted at Common Service Center (CSC) of village Sarsinwa. 

Sarsinwa based CSC owner Laxami Narayan is running the e-Governance facilities for rural masses since last five years and under the NDLM, he is imparting digital literacy training to around 500 rural people of Bilaigarh block.

According to associate vice-president of CSC e-Governance Service India, Madan Mohan Rout, 50 lakh rural population across India is being targeted to be digitally literate and in Chhattisgarh, the target is around one lakh people. 

In this regard, Laxami said, "I received a tablet from CSC head office to carry out survey of people interested in learning computers. So far, around 1,000 people have registered to join this 10-day course of digital education. 500 registered candidates are being provided computer education in my centre." Laxami is taking effort to teach candidates for extended days. "Ideally an educated person can grasp the basics of computer in 10 days but with no computer at home, mastering the basics also becomes difficult. So I don’t mind sparing extra time for such people," he said. 

Making technology central to enable changes in rural areas, several other digital programs had been brought to rural population. This includes nation skill development for farmers, in which around 70 farmers of this block learnt scope of technology in farming. Besides through this CSC, rural masses were made aware of their investment issues in banking, life insurance policies among others.

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